Why no playground for Caherdavin?

I have raised the issue of the absence of any children’s playground in Caherdavin. As I canvass my home base of Caherdavin, I frequently encounter parents with young families who ask why Caherdavin has no allocated children’s playground.

It’s a fair question and one which I find hard to explain, especially when you know that there is a lot of green space in the Caherdavin area where a children’s playground could be designated.

Compare it to other areas – if you look at the Dooradoyle/Raheen/Mungret area, they have had a super children’s playground put in place in the very recent past.

If you look at Castletroy, they have the Castletroy Park Children’s Playground, also there is one in Moyross, there’s one in the Peoples Park, and there’s one in Shelbourne Park. All are fantastic and great additions to their respective communities. So why can’t Caherdavin have its own children’s playground?

While it’s great to have the one in Shelbourne Park, it is quite a distance from Caherdavin for young children to walk to, and it means that parents from Caherdavin bringing their families to Shelbourne Park have to load up the cars and drive there, and hope that there is a car parking space available when they get there.

It;s an issue which has come up repeatedly on the doors – as the mother of two young children I agree with all the other parents I’m meeting who can’t understand why we have none in this part of the Northside.

I am completely in support of calls from the parents of young families to have a children’s playground put into the Caherdavin area. There is plenty of green space in and around Caherdavin to facilitate it.

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