What about the Northside’s Industrial Estate? Why no development by our agencies?

Why has the IDA not invested in Limerick’s Northside? Why has the development of a high end Industrial Estate on the Northside of the City, similar to the Raheen Industrial Estate and the Castletroy Industrial Estate, been ignored by the IDA or Limerick Council?

Over the years we have seen the IDA encourage the development of both the Raheen Industrial Estate and Castletroy Industrial Estate while at the same time ignoring any proper Industrial development on the City’s Northside.

I’m not saying that the IDA has not done well for Limerick, it absolutely has and I’m delighted with all the investment going into both Castletroy and Raheen, but from my viewpoint as a Caherdavin woman, when you look at the large amount of industrial units in both places and you then look at the Clondrinagh Industrial Estate on the City’s Northside, you do have to ask why it was not invested in and developed down through the years.

The Council have seemingly ignored the upkeep in the area and roads leading into and around the Clondrinagh Industrial Estate.

When you approach Castletroy you come upon a beautiful roundabout with directions to the Industrial Estate, when you approach Raheen you come across yet another beautiful roundabout directing you into that Industrial Estate , yet when you approach the Clondrinagh Industrial Estate you are met by an un-kept, seeminly insignificant roundabout, with no flowers, nothing pleasing on it or no signs, just overgrown grass margins and a badly signed notice of where the Industrial Estate is.

Entrance to Clondrinagh Industrial Estate

Clondrinagh Industrial Estate has been left to deteriorate down through the years leaving the handful of businesses operating there having to try and maintain it the best they can.

It is hard to understand that an Industrial Estate situated so close to the Motorway, so close to the Airport, the Limerick Tunnel, and the City Centre should not have had monies invested in it down through the years and been developed similar to what has gone on in Castletroy and Raheen.

At Castletroy and Raheen Industrial Estates

Even to drive into these Industrial Estates you can see just how neglected the Northside has been. When you drive into and through the Castletroy Industrial Estate you are met with numerous big IDA signs listing all the Industrial Units in the Estate. There are proper tree lined roads and street lighting. A wonderful Industrial Estate. When you drive into the Raheen Industrial Estate you will come across three large size information boards. Two list all the Industrial Units while the third consists of a map showing you where all the roads and Industrial Units are located in this very large Industrial Estate. Again, this is a wonderful Industrial Estate.

However , when you drive into the Clondrinagh Industrial Estate your met with a different view. It is quite obvious that both the City Council and the IDA have not made any major effort to promote industrial development on the Northside of the City .

This has been a missed opportunity for all those who live close by as any major industrial unit would have created great and welcome employment.

Now that one side of the surrounding area, ‘Coonagh Cross’, is seeing its lands developed for education thanks to LIT, it is time both the IDA and Limerick City & County Council looked to invest in and develop this gateway entrance to the City of Limerick.

It is sad to see that this side of the City has been ignored and that Clondrinagh Industrial Estate has the visual impact of an Industrial Estate that has been forgotten.

It’s never too late to do anything and hopefully those in power with the responsibility for promoting Investment in Industry in Limerick will look Northside in the future.

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