Westfields Wetlands should be a Limerick City tourist attraction

Olivia and children pictured at Westfields Wetlands

I have had a lot of conversations on doorsteps about the Westfields Wetlands on the northern bank of the River Shannon, and just a short walk from the city’s Shannon Bridge. It is a much loved local nature park, with a lot of conservation work gone into it by dedicated volunteers, but it is suffering from overgrowth and stagnation and regular users here including walkers, runners, dog-walkers and families, are worried this urban wildlife spot is going to be lost forever if we don’t act to preserve it and plan for its future.

Westfields Wetlands could be a wonderful Limerick City tourist spot, it is a beautiful serene location with ducks, swans, birds, insects and more – it is home to a huge range of biodiversity.

Olivia O'Sullivan at Kilrush Church, North Circular Road
Olivia O’Sullivan at Kilrush Church, North Circular Road, Limerick

So much more could be done by Limerick City & County Council to enhance this park – the whole area has so much to offer with the Westfields Wildflower Meadow, Riverside Walk and nearby Ted Russell Park. The oldest building in Limerick, the 10th Century Kilrush Church, is located here too.

We need to develop a plan for Westfields Wetlands and embrace it as an eco park and city tourist attraction, as well as minding it as a favourite local haven.

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