Call on Council to cut back trees

Limerick City & County Council needs to trim back overhanging trees, even if they are on private property.

The trees photographed are on the corner of St James Court and Fort Mary Park on the Ennis Road. The trees are growing out from the garden of an unoccupied house and locals have asked if it is possible for the Council to act to have them trimmed back. They have spread out over half the road at this stage .

I am told that the Council’s hands are tied on this matter as they have no jurisdiction to cut down privately owned trees but I believe the Council should find some way around whatever restriction is in place and trim them back.

It’s not a big job for the Council to do and they have grown half way out across the road.

It’s very awkward for delivery vans turning off the Ennis Road and driving into Fort Mary Park as they have to cross over into the right hand side of the road to avoid the trees damaging their vans or pulling ladders off the roof of their vans. From a road traffic perspective, it is a hazard and danger if there is a vehicle behind a van who may unknowingly misjudge the height of the trees and have some object like a ladder pulled off landing on the vehicle behind.

I do believe that the Local Authority has a responsibility to deal with situations like this when and where they arise. At some point, if the matter is not dealt with now by the Council, it certainly will have to be before it causes even further hindrance to passing motorists.

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