Placenta Encapsulation – Placenta pills for better mom health

I got a lot of interest when I posted this on my Facebook/Instagram so I thought I’d share here too:

My nutrient rich post natal daily pill, custom designed by my body for me, Placenta Encapsulation benefits include better energy and iron levels, helps milk supply and to balance hormones, and helps to reduce stress levels (tell that to my 3 year old 😉).

It assists in repairing the uterus and placenta wound and is said to have been used in Chinese medicine since the 1500s.

In nature, animals in the wild consume their placenta after giving birth, they instinctively know what’s good for them.

I’ve reduced my dose to one a day for the last few weeks to make them last – if I forget to take it I really notice my energy fading as the day goes on. There have been no daytime naps for me this time!

My milk supply is fantastic and the newborn fog definitely lifted a lot faster this time around, I think these have a lot to do with it.

12 weeks since Ollie’s birth and these are still my daily essential.

By Olivia O’Sullivan

UPDATE 17 May 2017 – Ollie is over 5 months old now and I’m still taking one a day, I think I’ll get to almost six months with them