Media darling, Limerick’s Madeline Mulqueen

She catapulted to fame following the Rubberbandits’ Horse Outside video, played a character on RTE2’s Republic of Telly, and later this month, this Kildimo girl will feature in TV3’s Celebrity Come Dine With Me. Model Madeline Mulqueen discusses her spiralling career. 


Age 21, Madeline is from Kildimo, and a former student of The Model school, Laurel Hill Coláiste and Mary I., as well as the Expressive Arts School and Mungret School of Musical Theatre. Back in 2009, she first came to our attention through the Diva Next Door competition, followed by the Martina Costelloe regional model search which she won. She’s been modelling with the Morgan agency in Dublin for the last year…

How did you first get involved in the Horse Outside video? I knew the ‘Bandits already, they told me about the video and asked me to be in it. So of course I said yes! Since then loads has changed, I’ve been living in Dublin just over a year, with modelling and tv, and I’m loving it!

How do you find the Dublin modelling scene? The Dublin modelling scene is very hectic but I enjoy it. There’s so much more opportunity but also more models so it’s a positive and negative. Mostly positive! When I first started modelling I was mainly doing catwalk which I love, but in Dublin it’s mainly photo shoots and I love doing them now because you get to see a finished product after your hard work.

How involved are your agency in your career decisions? My agency are fantastic they obviously know more about the industry than me and always advise me well.

Seeing as you’re now doing photocalls, will we be seeing you in your bikini on Grafton Street any time soon – in the tradition of celebrity Irish models? I won’t be in my bikini anytime soon on Grafton Street it’s way too cold for that! I’m more into the editorial side of modelling.

Tell us about your upcoming appearance on TV3’s ‘Celebrity Come Dine With Me’… Come Dine With Me is out on the 19th of March as far as I know. It was a brilliant experience and I’ve made amazing new friends. There are a lot of funny moments throughout the week so definitely tune in!

What direction would you like your career to take from here? At the moment I’m doing so many different types of work. From photo calls, to shoots, to auditions for films, that I’m really just enjoying having the opportunity to do all aspects. I’m a ‘live for the moment’ type, so I’m enjoying it all.

How did you get involved with the Cystic Fibrosis Association of Ireland for this year’s Flora Women’s Mini Marathon? My good friend Ciara Enright is working for the Cystic Fibrosis ‘1 in 1000’ Campaign and asked me to get involved. I wanted to get fit this year so I signed up straight away! I’m also doing a charity boxing fight for the ISPCC on the 29th of March, that’s helping me get fit too.

What inspires you? My parents. They have worked very hard to get me to where I am today, and also gave me the freedom to go for what I love, and to let me make mistakes as well – to learn from them! They’re amazing.

What’s your favourite thing about Limerick? The people! I have so many amazing friends that no matter when I come back to visit, they make to effort to see me. Also, people that don’t know me will come up to me and tell me they are delighted for me and wish me well. You don’t get many places with such nice people.

What one thing would you change in Limerick, if you could? If only I could do this – it’s saddening to see the city so quiet. If there were more activities and attractions in the centre that didn’t cost money that would be great. Easier said than done though…

Registration for the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon is open and women wishing to enter as part of the ‘1 in 1000’ team can call 1890 311 211 or email

Look out for Madeline in Celebrity Come Dine With Me, TV3 March 19-23 with Pippa O’Connor, Shane Byrne, Michael O’Doherty and Holly Sweeney.

By Olivia O’Sullivan

This article first appeared in the Limerick Post 3rd March 2012